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  • Would you love to get the chance to learn from the very best in the industry?

Well if you worked with us you've have the opportunity to get up close with industry icons like our guys did today when they were treated to a masterclass from the one and only @patrickcameronhair 👏🏻
If you want to see what our guys were treated to yesterday head over to our Instagram story to find out... And if you're interested in taking your career to another level through our industry leading education get in touch as we'd love to hear from you 😉
  • This beautiful @rapture_hair result by @ally_hair_ashwalsh from our William Street salon in Limerick is all the more sensational when you swipe to see the before 😍
  • When you need versatility and move ability from your styling tools choose a classic... @lorealpro Elnette
  • When we talk about being able to give you ample opportunities for further education and providing countless avenue's to express your creativity... This is what we mean 😉
If you come and work with us you will get opportunities to watch industry icons up close like our guys did recently with the one and only @adamreedhair

Contact Sinead in our HR department in strict confidence at if you are ready to take the next step in your career 👍
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